CENTRALA creates performances - contemporary and innovative works that transcend boundaries of content, aesthetics and production. CENTRALA is a private organization with a public mission. CENTRALA performs in the spaces of cooperating institutions or at leading theatre festivals.

CENTRALA's team is made of people who want to build new forms of art. Instead of fighting the old structures we are creating new ones.

CENTRALA works with both public and private institutions, finding ways to dynamically use the resources of the various partners in the process of art creation. Its institutional partners are: the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw; Nowy Teatr in Warsaw; POLIN, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews; Teatr Polski in Wrocław; Sinfonietta Cracovia; the Warsaw Rising Museum; Nowy Teatr in Łódź; Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw.

CENTRALA knows that context determines meaning. The frame is as important as the frame; it's pointless to show new pictures in the old frames.

CENTRALA invents not only new pictures, sounds and words, but also a new type of institution - oriented towards projects, not bureaucracies.

CENTRALA is transparent and independent. CENTRALA seeks to disrupt hierarchies, create new concepts, challenge comfort and give pleasure.

CENTRALA produces ambitious and simultaneously popular, democratic and simultaneously critical shows.

CENTRALA is a joint venture by two companies: Andergrand Media + Spektakle and Agencja Artystyczna GAP. It grew out of Michal Zadara's initiative to create independent perfomances.